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Send hand-arranged and hand-delivered fresher flowers by your local expert florist.

Wedding Flowers - by Kitty's Flowers


Browse our full selection of wedding flowers and let Kitty's Flowers be your florist on that special day!

Bridal Bouquet [W160]
Bridesmaid Bouquet with Gerbs [W161]
Bridal Bouquet with Mini Calla Lilies [W162]

Bridesmaid bouquet with mini callas [W163]
Cascade Bridal Bouquet [W164]
Bride and Bridesmaids Bouquets [W138]

Lily and Candle Centerpiece [W101]
Hydrangea Centerpiece [W102]
Bridal Clutch Bouquet [W139]

Wedding Package 2 [W140]
A Dozen Rose Centerpiece [W103]
Gerbera Daisy Centerpiece [W104]

Bridal Clutch Bouquet [W141]
Wedding Package 3 [W142]
Orchids in a Bubble Ball [W105]

Red & Black Centerpiece [W106]
Rose Bridal Clutch [W143]
Hydrangea Bridal Clutch [W144]

Orange Centerpiece [W107]
Pink & Purple Centerpiece [W108]
All White Bridal Clutch [W145]

Orchid and Rose Bridal Bouquet [W146]
Pink & Green Centerpiece [W109]
Bright Cube Centerpiece [W110]

Cymbidium and Calla Bridal Bouquet [W147]
Wedding Package 1 [W149]
Tall Centerpiece [W111]

Blue & White Cube Centerpiece [W112]
Pink & White Clutch [W150]
Pink & White Wedding [W151]

Wrought Iron Tree [W113]
Mint Julip Cup Centerpiece [W114]
All White Clutch with Stephanotis [W152]

Pink & White Clutch [W153]
Revere Bowl Centerpiece [W115]
Topiary Centerpiece [W116]

Calla Lily Bouquet [W154]
Calla & Cymbidium Clutch [W156]
Gerbera Daisy in a Bubble Ball [W117]

Orchid Centerpiece [W118]
Stephanotis Boutinere [W157]
Pink & Cream Clutch [W158]

Trumpet Vase Centerpiece [W119]
Clear Vase with Mixed Flowers [W120]
Calla & Cymbidium Wedding [W159]

Clear Rectangle Vase with Roses [W121]
Bridal Bouquet [tw04-1]
Bridal Bouquet [tw04-2]

Cluster of Roses in Square Vase [W122]
Pillar Candle Centerpiece [W123]
Bridal Bouquet [tw04-3]

Bridal Bouquet [tw05-1]
Large Revere Bowl Centerpiece [W124]
Gerbera Daisies in a Brandy Snifter [W125]

Bridal Bouquet [tw05-2]
Bridal Bouquet [tw05-3]
All Pink Centerpiece [W126]

Carnation topiary [W127]
Bridal Bouquet [tw05-4]
Bridal Bouquet [tw06-2]

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